How Does Nature Improve Happiness and Wellbeing?

The wellbeing benefits of the natural world are regularly highlighted here at the Network of Wellbeing, and so it’s a pleasure to see that many other people share our passion. One example of this is the well-respected Arts and Humanities Research Council supporting a research project on Cultures of Nature and Wellbeing. This project is led by Samantha Walton at Bath Spa University, and explores the links between nature, health and environmentalism in 20th and 21st century literature.

Supporting Greater Wellbeing for All: A City Wide Approach

Guest post by Karen Creavin, Head of Wellbeing Services at Birmingham City Council, who will be a key note speaker at our Building Wellbeing Together Weekend in September:

In Birmingham, we’ve been working on enhancing wellbeing and tackling inequalities for a many years now. Particularly over the last 7 or so years, we have been looking to develop a behaviour change approach that provides a positive ‘nudge’ towards a healthy lifestyle and greater wellbeing for all.

Share Shed Totnes: Sharing Uni-Cycles, Guitars and Valuable Conversations!

The Network of Wellbeing helped launch Share Shed Totnes in April 2017. It acts as a type of “library of things”; a place where people can borrow tools and other equipment that they need, but might not be able to afford or want to buy. Two months on, NOW’s Director, Roger Higman interviewed the Share Shed Manager, Mark Jeffreys to find out how things are going. He finds people are using Share Shed Totnes to borrow and lend a wealth of items, including uni-cycles, guitars and strimmers. And that it turns out one of the most important things shared is often lovely conversations!

World Environment Day: We Need Nature and Nature Needs Us

June 5th is the annual celebration of World Environment Day, and this year the United Nation's are highlighting the importance of connecting people to nature, through their #WithNature campaign. Here at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) we are sharing a short series of content to help highlight this theme, including blogs from The Wildlife Trusts and Natural Happiness. Plus the video below, featuring many well known voices: Satish Kumar, Vandana Shiva, Monty Don and more.

World Environment Day: How to Connect and Learn from Nature

To mark World Environment Day we’re sharing a series of content encouraging people to connect and learn from nature. In this post we share insights from author of Natural Happiness: the Gardener’s Way and Founder of Hazil Hill Wood, Alan Heeks. This includes a helpful practical exercise called ‘the tree test’, which helps people to nourish themselves and deepen their roots.