Community Potlucks

We run Community Potluck suppers on the third Friday of every month in Totnes, in order to support community sharing and connection. The NOW Community Potlucks have been running in Totnes, UK, for over a year now, and we are so pleased with the warmth and joy (not to mention all the delicious food!), which has been shared through these events. These regular events have proved so popular that we have produced guidelines to help people to run them in other locations. Read on to find out more about the regular events in Totnes, as well as the support available if you would like to run your own Community Potluck elsewhere. 

Totnes Community Potlucks

The inspiration for the Community Potlucks sprang from the need for somewhere new for people to go on a Friday night in Totnes to connect with each other; somewhere accessible, affordable, and family-friendly. The response to this need is beautifully simple: host a shared meal, to which everyone brings a contribution, and extend an open invitation to the whole community. 

We began with a one-off event. This was so popular that these events now take place monthly, and regularly attract over 200 people. As open spaces, our Potlucks have evolved to reflect the needs and interests of the community, who contribute many activities; from face-painting to music performances.

We are very grateful that the Potlucks receive valuable support from a group of committed volunteers, always attract a warm and enthusiastic audience, and have even been attended by the Totnes Mayor. They have also been regularly featured in the local press and also via other websites, such as Action for Happiness. 

To stay updated on upcoming Totnes Community Potlucks, check out our Events page, sign up to our newsletter (via the sign-up box on the right), and follow us on social media (including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram).

Run your own Community Potluck

If you are inspired by the idea of the  Community Potlucks, but unable to attend our regular events in Totnes then perhaps you would like to run your own Community Potluck where you are based. If this is of interest, then check out these Community Potluck Guidelines, which provide you with all of the information and inspiration needed to run this community event! 

We will also be happy to speak with you about our experiences of this event, and provide any guidance that may be helpful based on our experiences. So, if you are thinking of running your own Community Potluck please get in touch.