Share Shed Totnes

Inspired by the Frome Share Shop, last year NOW seeded the idea of having a "library of things" in Totnes, Devon, and so begun the story of Share Shed Totnes. Things began to really take shape when Totnes Town Council granted us a space to pilot the project, and together with a grant from the The Big Lottery Fund, the Share Shed is getting ready for launch on 8th April!

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What is the Share Shed?

The Share Shed will enable local people to borrow all sorts of useful things at nominal cost so that they don’t have to buy them for themselves. The aim is to encourage the sharing economy locally, and to help people connect more while spending, consuming and wasting less.

Generally things we don’t use every day that take up space in a garage, kitchen cupboard, or spare room that could be easily be borrowed when needed instead. Often things are only used for a short time; the average drill is only used for about 13 minutes in its entire life. Items people might borrow range from DIY tools, camping and gardening equipment, sewing machine, carpet cleaner, projector, musical instruments or a gazebo. 

We hope the Share Shed will help build community, allow people to use things they may not be able to afford otherwise and help people de-clutter their garages and houses without their old things going into landfill. By sharing we use less of the Earth’s precious resources in creating more ‘stuff’ and the associated pollution this entails, reducing the impact on the environment.

Latest Share Shed News

Following our grant from The Big Lottery Fund, we were delighted to welcome Mark Jefferys to the Share Shed team in early December. Mark, the new Share Shed Manager, has been helping to ensure that the Share Shed is open in April; collecting and sorting donations, working on promoting the project in the community and, together with a team of fantastic volunteers, making sure the garage-space has a good spruce up ready for action!

We’ve also showcased the Share Shed idea at several community events, including Caring Town Totnes, and had an overwhelmingly positive response, with people donating everything from bike racks to pet carriers and garden tools.

People shared their visions of a Share Shed; spanning from simply having a mobile market stall where people could borrow things, to having a more established social space where people could share things, skills, and social activities. We are hoping that the Share Shed pilot will be the beginning phase of a larger project of sharing. 

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