Totnes Wellbeing Fund

Supporting small changes that make a big difference to wellbeing

** Totnes Wellbeing Fund Applications: If you'd like to apply, please read our Application Pack (pdf) for more details, and return a completed Application Form (word document) to by 15th June 2018.**

Below you will find an introduction to the Totnes Wellbeing Fund, and videos of the projects supported so far. Plus, at the bottom of this page there are details on both how to apply to and how to support the Totnes Wellbeing Fund.

The Totnes Wellbeing Fund (TWF) aims to support individuals and community groups in Totnes (Devon, UK) and adjacent parishes (radius approximately 3 miles), helping them to turn great ideas to boost wellbeing into reality. Because a small change can make a big difference, we’re keen to support initiatives where a little input from us could really enhance personal, community and environmental wellbeing. 

We offer seed grants between £100 and 500 to help turn your ideas into reality. The TWF is aimed - with very few exceptions - only at new initiatives, by groups or individuals, which preferably have not yet received external funding, and where a small, timely grant will unleash significant positive impact.

Examples of projects that have been awarded the TWF

During its pilot phase, NOW has trialled the concept of the TWF by giving small grants to six different groups:

Dangerous Dads – who organise outdoor recreation activities for dads and their children; 




Follaton Forest Garden – a project to grow food in a forest setting in a local arboretum;





Gardening for Health – a project to link food growing to NHS initiatives;






Totnes Squash Co-op – who grow squashes and other vegetables on four sites around Totnes;





Dartington ReStore – who restore and sell used furniture which would otherwise end up in landfill; 






Castle Meadow Bee Group – who keep bees in and around the meadow surrounding Totnes Castle.



We are also proud to have awarded a grant during the Totnes Wellbeing Fund pilot phase to:

  • The Proud2Be Project: A community-led social enterprise that seeks to empower all lesbian, gay, bisexual &/or trans+ (LGBT+) people to be proud of who they are.
  • The Land Conference: The purpose of this conference was to give people in Devon who care about a proper relationship between people and the land (rural and urban) the opportunity to come together to connect, share learning and build understanding.

The results have fully justified the exciting concept of the TWF. The projects mentioned above have engaged hundreds of people to work together, having a great impact on people, community and environmental wellbeing.

The Totnes Wellbeing Fund continually seeks to broaden the range of people and projects benefiting from the TWF.

You can find videos of more recent Totnes Wellbeing Fund recipients here and here

Who can apply to the Totnes Wellbeing Fund?

We will accept applications from community groups (including unincorporated associations and social enterprises) and individuals with a turnover of £4,000 or less, who need support for non-profit-making projects. We will not consider applications from limited companies. Before sending your Application Form, please read the criteria below and in the Application Pack carefully in order to make sure you are eligible.

How to apply to the Totnes Wellbeing Fund

1. Download and read the full TWF Application Pack (pdf).
2. Download and complete the Application Form (word document), and email it to by 15th June.

We encourage applications which show how they will:

  • Actively enhance personal, community and environmental wellbeing;
  • Maximize the impact of the grant (e.g. through match-funding, by using the grant as seed funding for a larger project, by enabling volunteers, etc.);
  • Be environmentally, socially and financially sustainable:
    • Environmentally: how will your project enhance environmental wellbeing and minimise environmental damage? 
    • Socially: how will your project look after the health and wellbeing of volunteers, participants, etc?
    • Financially: how will your project be financed in the future? For example, will it become self-financing? 
  • Be ethical (e.g. by using ethical products);
  • Be reasonably inclusive and reach out to a wide cross-section of the community;
  • Target disadvantaged or vulnerable groups;
  • Be imaginative and innovative (e.g. by finding new approaches to enhancing wellbeing);
  • Be happy to comply with our monitoring and evaluation requirements (see the Monitoring & Evaluation Form at the end of the Application Pack).

The Totnes Wellbeing Fund will not fund groups/projects which: 

  • Have over £4,000 annual turnover;
  • Use surplus funds for the benefit of a business or an individual person;
  • Promote a particular religion, although we welcome applications for religious or faith-based projects that are designed to benefit all faiths in the community;
  • Conduct party political activities (e.g. we would not support applications to support fund-raising, campaigning or any other activity associated with a political party);
  • Primarily benefit an individual (e.g. we would not support applications for personal equipment, bursaries or scholarships – other grants exist for this such as the Elm Grant Trust).

Additional Support

You may also like to contact South Hams CVS who can offer advice on the full range of grants available as well supporting you in developing your project/organisation.

Support the Totnes Wellbeing Fund

Our initial budget should allow us to support at least eight good ideas each year.  Our aim is that we raise money to top up the TWF pot and support even more projects, so please help spread the word and encourage people to apply and donate to the TWF. We’re also keen to talk to people in other communities to see if this model of funding could be replicated elsewhere. For further information please contact us.