What We Do

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) aims to:

Build a wellbeing network:

We are working with partners, Wellbeing Ambassadors, and others to build a network of people and organisations who are committed to the concept of holistic wellbeing. Find out more and get involved.

Support community wellbeing:

We work together with others to co-create and promote activities that demonstrate the value of strong communities of place. Through this work we seek to improve community cohesion and enable people to improve their wellbeing. 

Further the wellbeing agenda:

We see wellbeing as a holistic concept, and we hope to identify and implement actions or research to further the wellbeing agenda nationally and internationally.

Please explore this section of our site to find out more about our work with wellbeing, networks and communities

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We hope that you will be inspired by all of this information to connect with us. If you have any questions please do get in touch