The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) runs regular free webinars to explore how we can build wellbeing together in our own lives, in our communities and in harmony with nature.

During our webinars we interview people and organisations working on happiness and wellbeing related projects, to help others to learn more about their work and also to help enable connections between those who care about the wellbeing of people and planet. We’d love for you to join us!

How can I find out about upcoming webinars?

To find details about upcoming webinars you simply need to check out our events page and / or on our Facebook page. On all webinar event listings you’ll find full details and a free registration link.

Join the next webinar:

The next webinar will be on Seven Ways to Build Resilience with Dr Chris Johnstone, one of the UK’s leading resilience trainers. Chris has been teaching resilience skills for over thirty years, pioneering the role of resilience training in mental health promotion, coaching practice and the workplace.

Research shows resilience training reduces the risk of depression, anxiety and stress-related harm, while also helping us to perform better under pressure. With depression levels rising and many of us feeling enormous uncertainty about the future, the learnable skills of resilience can make a real difference to our lives.

In our April webinar we’ll explore practices you can easily apply to build resilience. We’ll also consider the role of resilience in cultivating and protecting wellbeing.

Join us on Tuesday 30 April at 6 p.m. (UK/GMT): register for your free place and mark yourself as going on Facebook for the latest updates.

How can I watch past webinars? 

All of our webinar videos will be shared here on our website, on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. Explore past webinar videos below:

Towards a Global Wellbeing Economy Alliance with Katherine Trebeck, Head of Research

The Role of Happiness in Social Change: Free webinar with Alex Nunn, Action for Happiness:

The place of kindness, with Zoe Ferguson from the Carnegie UK Trust:

Happier Self, Happier World with Shamash Alidina, Co-Founder of Museum of Happiness:

How could society be happier beyond GDP with Liz Zeidler, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Happy City:

Positive Psychology and Purpose with Michelle Preston, Founder of Simply Happy:

Being useful and kind to self, others and the world with Duncan Fraser:

Happier at work with Sherry Clark:

Your wellbeing, your community, our world with Roger Higman, Network of Wellbeing (plus special guests):

Don’t forget: You can join our upcoming webinars for free – just look out for upcoming webinars on our events page and / or on our Facebook page.