Since we spend one third of our adult lives at work, are there new opportunities to improve our workplaces in this first-quarter of the 21st century? Can we be happier at work? How is the growing focus on ‘happiness at work’ working? Below is a video of a webinar exploring the topic of happiness and wellbeing at work with expert Sherry Clark. Whether you work at home alone or run a multi-national corporation, you will find this webinar shares some valuable lessons for you.

This webinar is part of an ongoing Network of Wellbeing free webinar series about Building Wellbeing Together.

Highlights from the above video:

If you don’t have time to watch the full video above you can scan through to the highlights most relevant to you:

  • At 4 minutes 50 seconds: Why is happiness at work such a hot topic at the moment?
  • At 11 minutes 20 seconds: Ways to tackle the challenges around explaining the importance of happiness at work to leaders, employers and organisations.
  • At 20 minutes 15 seconds: Practical tips to create more happiness at work.
  • At 33 minutes and 25 seconds: We pause, reflect and savour the lessons shared.
  • At 40 minutes: We open up to audience questions, on topics such as dealing with toxic workplaces and creating safe spaces at work.

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