What makes a ‘good life’? Join the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) and Eden Project Communities in an online series of events exploring how to gain a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and genuine wellbeing from living in connection with nature and each other.

Here at NOW, we have a vision of a world where everyone can thrive within the planet’s natural limits. Later this year people from all over the world will meet in Glasgow for COP26 to discuss how to tackle climate change. As COP26 approaches, we will be running a free series of events called Does a Good Life Have to Cost the Earth? in partnership with Eden Project Communities.

The events in this series will be as follows:

Tuesday 28th September, 7.30-9pm: Series Launch – featuring Andrew Simms (Rapid Transition Alliance and editor of the book, Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth), Teresa Belton (author of Happier People, Healthier Planet) and Emma Tolley (The Eden Project).

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Tuesday 12th October, 7.30-9pm: Exploring the Power of Community – featuring Nicola Round (Adfree Cities), Fiona Dear (Great Big Green Week) and Chris Hellawell (Edinburgh Tool Library), and in partnership with Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing.

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Tuesday 26th October, 7.30-9pm: System Change, Not Climate Change – featuring Nic Marks (thought leader, who worked on the Happy Planet Index), Ali Skeats (Cool Earth) and further speaker/s to be announced.

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We also hope to collaborate on an interactive networking event following this series to help you connect with like-minds and put the lessons learned from these events into action.

We hope you will join us in this series of free events – look forward to seeing you there!

The title of this event series was also / originally a book, edited by Andrew Simms and Joe Smith