Are you struggling to make the world a better place?

Do you need support with your wellbeing while you do good in the world?

We can help. The Network of Wellbeing is working with the Academy of Wide-hearted Living, to run Wellbeing for Changemakers – a programme of six free online gatherings to help people like you. Roger Higman explains.


Changemakers are people who take creative action to solve a social problem.  They are vital to our society and underpin the wellbeing of millions – through their work for charities, social enterprises and other change-making organisations. Yet, very often, they suffer from stress and overwhelm. Far too many burn out – with some seeking work in other sectors entirely.

Our new Wellbeing for Changemakers programme aims to challenge this. With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, we will run six online gatherings, in partnership with Melissa Noble (second right above) of the Academy of Wide-hearted Living to help changemakers to support their own wellbeing while they carry on their good work.

Starting in September, each session will feature:

  • simple models of what wellbeing is and how it can be achieved;
  • creative practices that you can fit into your daily routine;
  • opportunities to connect with and learn from like-minded colleagues;
  • links to further resources and supporting evidence.

The six sessions will be supported by a toolkit, a video and opportunities for attendees to engage further. We’re hoping, if demand allows, to follow them with an in-person retreat at Eden Rise, our haven for wellbeing.

Melissa Noble of the Academy of Wide-hearted Living said:

“I believe that creativity is a superpower that everyone has. The reason I can say that with absolute conviction is that, when I connected with mine, it changed my life. Now I’m hoping to bring easy creative practices to others so that they can benefit too – starting with the changemakers that do so much to make our world a better place.

“Join me in September to learn more.”

Wellbeing for Changemakers starts at 7:30-9:00 pm on Tuesday, 19th September. Each session will be different – and we’ll publish more details shortly. To reserve your place to one or all of the sessions, click here.

Update: you can watch Melissa introduce the programme and learn more about its content here.