Michelle is a Change Maker, Positive Psychologist and Coach, as well as a conference host, facilitator, and workshop leader. Given Fellowship of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) “in light of exceptional work and longstanding commitment to supporting organisations that deliver social change”, she is a twice elected RSA Fellowship Councillor for the South West, a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs, and Clore Social Leadership, and named as one of five women changing the world by the RSA in 2018 for International Women’s Day.

She has been following a lifelong path of personal development, wellbeing and social change, and spent her adult life working with charitable organisations committed to the physical, social, emotional
and psychological wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Working in the voluntary sector for 25 years has provided her with countless opportunities to support and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, organisations and communities. It has allowed her to
develop and deepen her understanding of the value and importance of cultivating happiness, health and wellbeing and how this can be maintained, enhanced and improved.

“My belief is in the power of the individual to create meaningful and lasting change, and that by connecting, creating and collaborating we can be the change we want to see in the world. I’m humbled by the humility of good people doing great things and this inspires me to always remain in flow and constantly strive to be the best version of myself and follow my path with heart.”