Tim Jackson Ecological Economist
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Tim Jackson: Ecological Economist

Ecological Economist Tim Jackson explains how an economy built around wellbeing could work and how it would give government a renewed sense of purpose to act positively on our behalf. Watch more and share: Watch more wellbeing-related videos >> Subscribe

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Satish Kumar: Soil, Soul, Society

“Often, people know the price of things but not their value” – peace activist, author and NOW Trustee Satish Kumar shares his top three values. Nature, creativity and connection Satish Kumar’s top values are ‘soil, soul and society.’ He emphasises embracing nature through

The nurturing power of the soil
Your community - Inspiring Projects
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Foxhole Community Garden

This video shows the transformation of Totnes Wellbeing Fund grant recipient Foxhole Community Garden. It has become a space for people of all ages and sectors of the community to come together with nature, grow healthy food, relationships, bodies and