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Date(s) - 03/04/2020 - 05/04/2020
All Day

Eden Rise

Are you in touch with love within you?

Are you able to feel deeply empowered by a strong connection to yourself, knowing truly who you are, aligned to your unique purpose as a man, living in deep intimacy with your loved ones and the world?

Or are there feelings which you avoid? Right now in your body is there pain that you are not connecting with? Do you live life only as a fraction of your fullness, numbing yourself with addictive patterns or collapsing into overwhelm? And in your own disconnection, do you find it hard to form intimate relationships, with friends, with family, with women?

This residential weekend workshop is for any man who wants to come into a deeper connection with himself and with the world around him. This unique journey will take you into the depths of your feelings, to reconnect you with parts of yourself that will bring you alive and touch the very core of your being. This is an opportunity, through feeling, to open to the incredible potential inside you, which is waiting to be recognised.

In a group of men, you will be compassionately guided to discover what connection means to you and how you may unconsciously avoid it. As your guides, we will use practices from meditation, tantra, hypnotherapy, yoga and shadow work to guide you into a somatic experience of your body in order to explore your deepest feelings, not only those you know of, but also those you unconsciously hide within your shadow.

Together we will explore how we can give and receive love through words and touch, and open to receiving love in the places where we most need it.

A series of gradually deeper processes will help us build a space where you can, at your own pace, explore the feelings in the deepest places within yourself. This will be a sacred space among your brothers where your essential essence will be seen and unconditionally accepted.

If you are carrying a deep sadness, we offer you a space to grieve. But this isn’t just about opening to pain; It is about allowing the joy and magic of the child inside you to shine. It is about reconnecting with yourself so that you can live in rich intimacy with loved ones. It is about softening into the profound vulnerability and immense power within your body… into the fierce aliveness of your soul’s true nature.

To find who you truly are. Go to https://www.edrooke.com/lovewithin or feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.