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Date(s) - 19/03/2022 - 10/12/2022
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Dittiscombe Holiday Cottages

Wellbeing in Nature – Let your Mind Wander!
Forest Bathing is traditionally known as Shinrin Yoku which translates to “Forest Shower” or “Forest Bath” and relates to “total immersion”.
Donna & Ruth invite you to step into the magic of Dittiscombe Woods located at Dittiscombe Estate & Cottages, South Devon (www.dittiscombe.co.uk) to enjoy a total immersion into the joy, beauty and healing power of nature. Create an alliance with the trees and enhance the connection to your inner wisdom. Listen to what the trees and your heart have to say.
Benefits include:
• Boost immune system and sleep quality.
• Reduce blood pressure, stress hormones, anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue.
• Increase focus and clarity with emphasis on grounding in the present.
• Enhance feelings of playfulness, curiosity, love, gratitude and inner peace.
• £40 p/p per session or £135 for the full course (one session per season).
Date options for 2022:
• FIND INSPIRATION AT SPRING-TIME – Spring Strolls and Sankalpas. Choose from 19th March or 2nd April.
• TAKE ACTION IN SUMMER – Summer Saunters and Simhasana. Choose from 14th May or 2nd July.
• HARVEST GRATITUDE DURING AUTUMN – Autumn Ambles and Anjali. Choose from 17th September or 29th October.
• INTROSPECTION FOR WINTER – Winter Wanders and Wisdom. Choose from 26th November or 10th December.
Each session is 4 hours and will include:
• Guided and self-motivated activities
• Group and solo activities
• Seasonal reflection
• Refreshments
• Time after the forest walk for friendly, informal group chat whilst enjoying lunch (please bring your own packed lunch).