Date(s) - 04/06/2024
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

This is an opportunity to learn about the self-help approach developed by Alan Heeks and set out in his new book, Natural Happiness: use organic gardening skills to cultivate yourself. Alan will introduce the concept, offer a guided visualisation exercise, and also discuss Natural Happiness and climate change.

The workshop offers some unique new ways to deepen your roots and nourish your wellbeing. Alan will show us how analogies with organic gardening can help us to cultivate human nature too. In these stressful times, both people and planet need regeneration, and Alan’s Natural Happiness approach covers both, showing how we can use natural energy sources, and rotation cycles for sustainability.

Organic gardeners and farmers have to get results in conditions of high uncertainty and low control, and we can all learn from the skills they use, such as co-creativity: dancing with problems and harnessing intuition. In this workshop, you’ll be able to experience and try out some of the processes in Alan’s newly published book, Natural Happiness.

Alan Heeks is a wellbeing expert, who left a successful business career to explore Nature-based wellbeing. He spent 12 years creating an organic farm and education centre in Dorset, and also set up Hazel Hill Wood, a magical 70-acre conservation woodland retreat centre.

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