Date(s) - 19/04/2021
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

You are invited to a listening space to share and listen to each other exploring the topic of our relationship to play, playfulness, and spontaneity.

As adults, we often compartmentalise play into a category for children, or just when we are doing a sport, computer, or board game. However, playfulness is an innate response to life that allows us to creatively respond to challenge, lighten our load and learn for ourselves and from each other.

This space will give us an opportunity to discover the ways we can naturally bring playfulness and embody this creative wisdom in our lives.

This will be an open and welcoming space, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve been to many listening spaces or if this will be your first one – either way you’ll be supported to feel right at home.

This listening space will be co-hosted by The Heart Movement and Network of Wellbeing.