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The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom (FDCW) was established as a global charity based in London in 2005. Since then we have provided secular training, programmes and resources across many sectors of society – schools, universities, hospices, workplaces, healthcare, youth groups and community centres.

Our courses have reached thousands of people across the world through our dedicated and growing network of facilitators in more than 20 countries. We provide courses, both online and in person, exploring ethical values and mindful choices. We train, accredit and support people to facilitate discussion groups and courses. We offer free resources for those interested in making ethical values part of their lives.

93 Tabernacle Street, EC2A 4BA, London
(registered offices only)


Workplace singing measurably reduces stress, builds resilience, increases productivity, and develops meaningful social connections. On:song run live and online choirs, singing workshops and wellbeing programmes for businesses worldwide and for the general public – on a mission to improve global wellbeing. Recent clients include the BBC, Lloyds Banking Group, 3 Mobile and M&C Saatchi.

Drawing on extensive academic research and combining engaging musical leadership with inspiring repertoire, their accessible programmes improve welfare and increase engagement at work.

On:song is founded by George Bell and Greg Staw, lifelong musicians with professional backgrounds spanning the arts, technology and business, who are driven by a desire to promote people-focused change within organisations.

Please visit the website for further information on our programmes.

Unit 9, The Clay Loft
Gydynap Lane

Movement Foundations School Program

This not-for-profit program inspires Movement, Self-Care and Kindness. Our easy to implement practices nurture responsibility for ourselves and the planet. We create our FREE WELLBEING RESOURCES in collaboration with expert Contributors in the world of Anatomy, Movement, Nature Charities, Alternative Health, Embodiment and Empowerment. Become a Partner School and create a culture which supports the positive development of physical and emotional health of children.

13 Park Road, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 8ED

The Heart Movement

We are a UK non-profit building communities of resilient wellbeing through mindfulness, heart intelligence training, and listening spaces.

Our Mission

We believe we can all live happier, healthier, more connected lives through mindfulness.

Mindfulness allows us to unleash our natural curiosity about the inner landscape of our thoughts, emotions, and body. Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better.

We know mindfulness needs heart. So we combine training in mindful awareness with techniques for utilising our heart’s inner intelligence through biofeedback technology and training in listening deeply.
We see wellbeing as a basic human capacity, not a lifestyle luxury. We are building a diverse community that can share heart-based mindfulness in ways that are relatable to individuals and communities from all backgrounds.

Join us in a listening space, a morning mindfulness session, a workshop or even on a converted American School Bus! A chance to connect in with a community that values heart and wellbeing.

Work Well Being

We create and deliver workplace wellbeing programmes designed to enhance individual health and happiness and build enduringly healthy work.

We believe the workplace can be a force for positive change, supporting employees to live their lives well; and in turn doing better business.

Our workplace wellbeing solutions make it simple for smart businesses to start building healthy workplaces immediately:

1. Wellbeing Programmes
2. Mental Health at Work Training & Support
3. Wellbeing Workshops
4. Wellbeing Days and Events

9 Wimpole Street

The Sharpham Trust

The Sharpham Trust is an educational charity set in a stunning location near Totnes, Devon.

At the heart of the Sharpham Trust ethos is our desire to build a more mindful, compassionate and environmentally-sustainable world.

We connect people with nature and foster mindfulness and well-being through our programme of retreats, mindfulness courses, events and the arts.

A Sharpham Trust project, supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, that is specifically designed to support mental health recovery, resilience and well-being for people aged 18+ living locally, combining mindfulness and nature connection.

The Sharpham Trust
Shapham House

Flourish Project: The Ecology of Wellbeing

The Roots of Difference and the Path to Compassion

The Flourish Project offers a unique method for aligning the needs of individuals, communities and nations. It spans the whole of human life, from conception through childhood, right through to the legacy that we leave behind for future generations. It recognises that whole, happy humans create thriving, compassionate communities, which underpin strong and united nations and the sustainability of a flourishing planet.

The Coach House, 1 Ashford Road
GL50 2QZ

Your wellbeing - Health

New Vision for Mental Health

Focuses on a central question: “What would our mental healthcare system look like if, knowing what we know today, it was redesigned from scratch?”

We look to gather and provide answers to this question by taking a critical, informed and constructive look at the current mental health system, the concepts on which it rests and its constituent parts.

We explore ideas, insights and suggestions – from a wide range of individuals and organisations – that might, in time, lay the foundations for a new and quite different approach to mental healthcare.

World Jungle

World Jungle is an award winning social enterprise all about bringing people together, creating healthier communities and sharing the best of our world. Their work is divided into different activity areas (Cultural, Health, Community and Events), fusing culture and creativity, dynamic health and wellbeing, inspiring events and a long term strategic commitment to improving our community and environment. We work to build effective partnerships, connect communities and deliver creative solutions to challenges facing our society.

18 Second Avenue
GL11 4PD