Every fortnight, the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) collates the offers being made at the intersection of wellbeing and social change at this time. In this post we share resources to nourish our hopes and highlight beacons of inspiration and positive action as we navigate these times together.

Recent events have shone an even brighter spotlight on the privilege and inequality that is prevalent in our society. As the world responds to the global pandemic and the killing of George Floyd, how can we begin to look at our privilege in a different way? Can listening and hearing, especially to others that are less privileged than ourselves, propel us towards greater equality and wellbeing? And how can we build a politics that provides for all? 

Our vision at The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) is of a world where everyone’s wellbeing needs are met within the planet’s natural limits. In these unprecedented times, we all need to find effective ways of supporting each other and building wellbeing together. 

During recent weeks, we have been listening, learning and committing to play our part creating positive change. We have re-launched our Building Wellbeing Together webinar series and would love you to join us on Tuesday 23 June to explore how action in communities can help build wellbeing and health for all

In the meantime, here’s our latest curation of support, responses, perspectives and events from across the globe.  

Finding New Perspectives:  



  • Our Compassion in Action webinar. Hear from Alex Nunn (Action for Happiness), Ruby Reed (Advaya) and Kareem Ghandour (The Heart Movement) about how we can truly help others in ways that support our wellbeing too. 


Supporting Your Mental Health and Wellbeing:

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Innovative Community Responses: 




  • Community Action for Wellbeing and Health, our next free webinar on Tuesday 23 June. With Simon Schebersky (Torbay Community Development Trust) Brendan Martin (Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland) and Jane Pightling (Evolutionary Connections)
  • World Localisation Day on Sunday 21 June. An online festival of ideas and inspiration to inspire lasting structural change for the wellbeing of people and planet
  • Future Conversations, six weekly online sessions to help you and your community raise your resilience, starting on 30th June.

Regular / Ongoing Wellbeing Events: 

  • Retreats at Home run by The Sharpham Trust. Structured yet flexible retreats designed to fit in with our ‘new normal’ of daily life at home
  • Arts Well, an informal networking opportunity to talk arts, health, creativity and wellbeing. Created by ArtsWell CIC. 

Looking Further Ahead:

Image kindly shared by @resurgencetrust. 

  • The Power of Humility 14 July at 7:30pm. Satish Kumar shares his thoughts in this new series of talks from Resurgence.“Humility connects, arrogance divides and separates. We need to shift from separation to union.”

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