The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) is looking for two new Trustees. Our co-founder and long-term Trustee, Satish Kumar is stepping back to become our first Patron. We want to use this opportunity to strengthen and diversify our Trustee Board. Do you think you could be one of our new Trustees, supporting the NOW team?

Our Trustees work closely with the NOW staff team, pictured

The Network of Wellbeing’s vision is a world in which everyone can thrive within the planet’s natural limits. Our mission is to connect, support and empower those across the UK who care about sustainable wellbeing. We would love to bring on board two new Trustees who care passionately about the wellbeing of people and the planet to support our work at an exciting time of growth and development. 

Trustees play an essential role in any charity and the Network of Wellbeing is no exception. Trustees are the supreme governing body in a charity. They determine its aims, its strategy and oversee all its operations. They are responsible in law for ensuring that it delivers its charitable objects.

Trustees also bring vital skills and experience to the charity’s management. We recently carried out a skills audit of our existing Trustees – and found that they have expertise in business development, charity governance, positive psychology and environmental sustainability, to name but a few of their skill areas. They use their expertise – and their wisdom – to guide the staff and inform key strategic decisions – and our existing Trustees gain a deep sense of joy and fulfilment from the role they play.

Michelle Preston was appointed to the NOW’s Board of Trustees in April 2020. She says ““I was honoured to become a Trustee of NOW in 2020 after already being involved with them for several years  in a variety of ways. I can honestly say that I’ve never met a nicer, more authentic and more committed group of individuals in my 25 years in the voluntary sector. The charity has gone from strength to strength and is so well respected, and rightly so. I’m excited to see who will join our wonderful Board of Trustees to help support NOW in its mission and vision to help create a world where wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do”. 

We are now looking for two new Trustees to complement and strengthen our existing Board, particularly with skills in fundraising, digital engagement and human resources. 

Trustees have the opportunity to use their skills and experience to help others and to further a cause they are passionate about – something wellbeing experts argue is key to living a meaningful life

The commitment is three two-hour meetings per year – meetings which are now held online. We also like our Trustees to come and see us annually (in Devon) in person at least once.

We are committed to diversity, fairness and inclusion – and to building wellbeing together for everyone. We’re therefore keen to diversify our existing Trustee group to ensure it more broadly reflects the diversity of people in the UK. With that in mind, we’d welcome applications from people from a range of different backgrounds and experiences.

Could you be a Trustee of the Network of Wellbeing? If you are interested, please see here for the role profile and details on how to apply.

All applications will be considered by a panel of Trustees with advice from the Director and a member of the staff team.