Wellbeing inspires welldoing. That’s the simple premise behind the Wellbeing Project, a global initiative to catalyse a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers. This Autumn, the Network of Wellbeing’s Director, Roger Higman will join 300 other changemakers at one of its five regional Wellbeing Summits. Here, he explains all.


Wellbeing inspires welldoing. There’s an interesting idea. In other words, are people who feel good about themselves, who are proud of their past and hopeful for their future, more likely to sustain behaviour that is good for others and the planet?

There’s a lot of evidence to say that they are – and the Wellbeing Project wants to spread that message by:

  • Strengthening the research case for inner well-being at the heart of social change;
  • Connecting a growing network of organizations building a culture of well-being;
  • Accelerating the growth of well-being initiatives around the world;
  • Convening summits at the intersection of inner, organisational, societal and planetary well-being;
  • Mainstreaming a well-being and social change narrative.

Its first global summit was held in Bilbao, Spain last June. Over 1000 people attended, hearing speakers including NOW’s Patron, Satish Kumar. This Autumn, it is hosting five regional summits in New York, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Dakar and Brussels.

The Wellbeing Project’s Co-Lead, Sandrine Woitrin explains the thinking in the film below.

The Wellbeing Summit in Brussels is at the Merode (main image above) on 16-17th November. You can find more details and book your place here. I’m grateful to have been invited to contribute to a panel discussion. I hope to see you there!.