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Chris Johnstone

Chris Johnstone has pioneered an holistic approach to wellbeing for over 40 years – as a junior doctor, an addiction specialist and latterly a trainer and co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Active Hope. NOW’s Director, Roger Higman hears from him

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Mirella Ferraz

From growing up in Brazil to a journey of wellbeing in the UK, our Project Manager, Mirella (above, left), talks about her passion for waste reduction and community action in the latest post in our latest Wellbeing People series. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wellbeing and the economy - Katherine Trebeck interview
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The Place of Kindness

By Zoe Ferguson, Carnegie UK Trust Kindness is an important, often underestimated, virtue to hold and something we are perhaps all guilty of taking for granted, ignoring even, in a fast moving society. Yet kindness has the potential to impact and individual,